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Rent Wheelchair, Rent Knee Scooter Rental and Sales . We rent wheelchairs, rollators and transport chairs. We are an approved Harmar Dealer dealer for stair lifts,. We are also an approved dealer for American Access Aluminum ramps. We carry Golden Mobility and Power Chairs and Lift Chairs and can repair all mobility equipment.
We are located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and serve the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. We are locally owned and loyal to our customers. We have low overhead with a small show area and dock. This low overhead means lower prices.

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Wheelchairs, Knee Scooters, Rollators at a good discount to buy or rent.

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The four types of wheelchairs are:
1. Transport chairs, also called travel wheelchairs. These chairs cannot be propelled by the person sitting in the chair but must be pushed by a companion or caregiver. These chairs do not have the large wheel in the back. They are lighter, can be easily folded to fit in a car.
2. Standard wheelchairs, with small caster wheels in the front and large wheels in the back, the standard wheelchair can be propelled by the person sitting in the chair. The standard wheelchair is selected for the weight and size of the user. The weight capacities are 250 pounds, 300 pounds, and 450 pounds.
3. Sport wheelchairs are designed for use on courts or track and are used by athletes.
4. Reclining wheelchairs can be reclined to a sleeping position.

The bariatric wheelchair have reinforced frames and extrawide seats to accommodate heavier patients.
The standard wheelchair is shipped with one of two options:
1. Elevated leg rests.
2. Swing away leg rests.

Knee scooters
knee scooters are padded rest with wheels for use with patients who have knee surgery in place of crutch and have become very popular in recent years. Our knee scooters are made by Probasics, are light and very versatile. For local customers are rental is very reasonable.

we have a wide selection of Rollators and several sizes in both steel and aluminum and with padded seats.

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